1.90"1.50"0.20"20'  /  10'

25.12  /  12.56

$130 /  $69 


1.61"0.145"20'  /  10'18.8  /  9.9$119  /  $59
0.125"24'  /  12' / 8'21.26  /  10.63 / 7$116  / $59 / $40



0.250"24'  /  12'38.8  /  19.44$206  /  $103
2.0"1.312"0.375"24' / 12'47.00 / 24$282 / 150



SOLID BAR12'44.34$194
2.25"1.75"0.250"24'  /  12'49.92  /  24.96$218 /  $112

OBSTRUCTION LIGHTS, LED -- extremely long lasting, 10 to 20 year life-span.  360° visibility in flat plane.  Standard light color is red, butother colors available on special order.  Steady burning, but customer may add own flash controls.    Available in 115 Volt AC,12 or 24V DC,  or other options.  Awesome introductory price: Only  $289.00!!!  (Includes vertically centering mast mount, for up to 2" Diameter.  Special mounts available on request.  5 year warranty.


Alum-a-Lub is a three-in-one product that lubricates, cleans and protects. This product is great for your aluminum sections, plus you can also use as a household lubricant.

MAST RAISING FIXTURE -- a special sheave housing bolted to your Top Plate, with a winch and 20 ft. stainless cable to attach to mast. This device allows for easy raising and lowering of your mast array--handy for use with a double thrust-bearing system . . .$257.00, approx. 18 lbs.

Top Shelf mounted on Telescoping, Crank-up tower.  Drilled for later mounting of Thrust Bearing.


GP288 Clamp and Head$25814.6 lbs

GP288 Clamp, Head and Pole 

(Alum 2" dia. x 0.125" wall x 8'10" length) 

for UPS Shipping

$27929.5 lbss.

GIN POLE KITS -- A great tool for stacked towers in hard to reach locations such as wooded areas, etc., or for towers not mount on our convenient Fold-Over-Kits.  The Gin-Pole gives ou the ability to erect your tower from the ground straight upwards, without the help of a crane.

Delta-style Antenna Stand-offs

Neuco's ViscoGel is perfect for lubricating and protecting the wire (cable) rope on your Heights Telescoping Tower!

Double Antenna Stand-Off for 22" section with asymmetrical distances, and large 3 ft. height.

                                              ANTENNA STAND-OFF ARMS:
    Two-tiered extension arms to mount your antenna(e) on side of tower, with approx. 2 - 3 ft. offset, depending on size.  Creates extra antennae capacity for your tower.  However, extra wind-loading must be factored into tower load review.  Includes vertical side mast of 1.9” or 2" dia. x 36 - 42” lng.  Stainlesss U-bolt hardware included.
typical side distance extension of 2-1/2 ft. to one side.  Mounts on any of 3 face                                     planes.  For section sizes: 

                        14” - 22”:    $225 

                        22 - 26”:     $275

                        30”:        $300

       II.  Double SIDE ARMS:  distance extension typically 2 - 3 ft. on each side.

           For section sizes:

                        14” - 22”:   $358

                        22 - 26”:    $385;

                        30”:            $425

LUBRICANTS & DEGREASERS -- We offer and recommend the below lubricants and degreasers to maintain your Heights' Tower.

"In-line" Rotor Shelf ("RS-CUA) for Telescoping Tower.

PULLEYS -- We have pulley sheaves of stainless, aluminum and steel material, with and without bronze bushings; we also have aluminum Roller Spools. Diameters run between 1.75" and 4.5". Call factory for prices, including some special clear-outs. Here are a few examples.  If you need custom pulleys, please forward drawing or dimension specs for a quotation.  We specialize in aluminum with bronze inserts


TB "A" (GS-050)- up to 2" O.D. mast capacity with 4 set bolts and mast protector shims$47.90
TB "B" (GS-065)- up to 2.66" O.D. mast capacity with 8 set bolts and mast protector shims$59.89

Connect-o-Mast -- Due to the high cost of freight truck shipping, we are now offering a new product called the Connect-o-Mast (pictured below). This product is great for those who are interested in a longer mast, but would like to avoid freight charges.  Each mast can be up to 105" long (for UPS shipping) and will include a middle splice to connect each side (for a maximum length of approx. 17-18').  The two offset lengths (one several inches longer) also allow for flexible positioning in case the connector interferes with your top shelf or bearing.  The photos below show a Connect-o-Mast setup of two 1.5" SCH 80 aluminum tubes @ 105" long with a 2.0" SCH 80 splice @ 8" long.

*Sometimes (in some areas) UPS is more expensive than a freight truck.  Let us check which shipping method is more cost effective for you.

CO-AXIAL CABLE STAND-OFF ARMS -- 2 ft. extension arms to keep your coax away from the tower.  Great for crank-ups, these arms are clamped to the tower with a stainless U-Bolt and the other end has large 2"+ dia. loop tongs to allow for convenient insertion of various sized coax cables . . . $44.50 per unit. 

(Specify section-tube leg size when ordering.)

Close-up of easily 
adjustable Clamp

Click photos to enlarge.

Tower's Less than 50 ft. -- two leg ground contact: $313.00

Tower's from 50 to 120 ft. -- three leg ground contact: $443.00

aluminum tower rod and mount for top of mast

LIGHTNING ROD TIPS-- Aluminum tower rod and mount for top of mast (2" O.D. or less), to extend the highest point on tower and create an air terminal.  Normal length is 30", but may be extended. Regular size  . . . . . . $47.50

Stand Leg with freshly installed Grounding Kit, including heavy copper strands to driven rod, and clamps on leg.  Wire on ground encircles tower base (25 ft. perimeter)

Shaeffer's Penetro 90 Lubricant.  Penentro 90 penetrates and lubricates all types of moving parts and also protects against corrosion.  Call us for more information!

Single Antenna Stand-Off for Top Section, with 36" extension off to side, 2 ft. height, w/mast.

TOP SHELVES -- A flat, top plate for your top tower section, pre-drilled for your specific thrust bearing type


We can drill your top shelf for Yaesu thrust bearings.  Drilling for other model thrust bearings will be $23.50

*An Outer Diameter tube must be at least 0.015" smaller than the Inner Diameter of the tube you want to slip it in, to fit without force pressing.

GROUNDING KITS -- Heights' approved grounding kits to provide appropriate grounding of tower legs to earth.  Jumbo stainless or aluminum strap clamps to tower legs and copper clamps to ground rods; wire cable for star loop and rods included.  Quality materials (not sold separately).

Gin-Poles are constructed of aluminum and stainless fasteners, with some low carbon steel threaded parts.  Aluminum Sheave in the Head is for use with up to 3/8" rope (rope/cable not included).   Clamp is about 11" in length, and adjusts to various size legs between 1" to 3" diameters.  Kits with or without Poles may be shipped by United Parcel Service!

ROTOR SHELVES -- A Flat plate to mount an antenna rotator, pre-drilled for your specific rotator.  "RS"s for stacked towers include stainless U-bolts.  If you need an "RS" for a crank-up telescoping tower, be sure to specify "RS-CUA" as this is a different "RS" design.


We can drill your rotor shelf for Yaesu or Hygain (Tailtwister, Ham III, IV or VII) free of charge.

Drilling for all other models for a $23.50 fee.

Clamp & Head shown on tall pole next to section. Demo'd by Jay C​

Accessories that go on or near tower top:  ROTOR SHELVES AND TOP SHELVES

Mast Raising Fixture on Crank-Up tower.

COMPARE THESE PRICES TO ANY OTHER VENDOR ANYWHERE!  WE BEAT ANY DEAL ON OUR HIGH QUALITY, STRUCTURAL EXTRUDED TUBING (6061 T6 Alloy).  We buy in volume for our factory production, so YOU can save$$!  All lengths over 9 ft. in length must be shipped via motor freight, usually incurring higher charges.  Residential deliveries are usually about $75 additional to that base charge. Tubes are wrapped in cardboard, prepared for shipment!

Small, exterior1-1/16" wide x 2" diameter, exterior edges of rollers are 1" apart$11.75
Small, interior1-1/16" wide x 2" diameter, edges of rollers are closer together @ 3/4" apart$11.75
Medium1-3/8" wide x 2-7/16" diameter$12.55
Large1-3/4" wide x 2-7/16" diameter$13.85

Blinking  (Strobe) version of Obstruction Light, LED--   $398. Timed versions, including darkness-actuated available also. Please inquire with your specs for price and availability. 5 year warranty. No one beats our values.

Typical Rotor Shelf for Stacked tower design, fastened with heavy-duty stainless U-Bolts.


YAESU ROTORS -- We now offer Yaesu rotors for your antenna rotating needs.


(Width - Tube Size)







THRUST BEARINGS -- Corrosion resistant, enclosed units, for the HAM Operator.


(Width - Tube Size)









HI-TENSILE ALUMINUM MASTS -- High quality, certified 6061T6 alloy mast tubing at low prices.  Most masts can be cut for $5 per cut.  Additional sizes available--just ask.  These are not cheap alloy tubes:  read  "6061 T6 extruded"; no one beats our values.  If you can find a better deal, let us know.  Note to Heights customers selecting mast:  We strongly recommend and often prohibit using a mast other than an aluminum one for your complete Heights Tower Kit.  These listed masts are more than strong enough to handle just about any application and will put less dead weight on the top of the towers, which can effect the operation and final load capacity of the towers.  Keep your whole tower ensemble in aluminum from the start--it's the smart thing to do.  You can't 'trick-load' or increase any tower's real final windload by installing a heavy, exotic, hardened material on top.  You may have a stronger mast but will more heavily load your tower, decreasing the overall capacity. The whole design ensemble must match, in order to optimize the tower's load capacity

Shaeffer's Citrol Multi-Purpose degreaser.  Citrol cleans and lubricates simultaneously and is great for fitting aluminum connections (such as tower sections).