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We do not recommend using towers on trailers or with base vehicles that are not designed for their use.  If this is done, you must have a Professional Engineer review this application.  For Mobile Towers, we will not allow a customer to substitute a new trailer for our more expensive trailers.  Our trailers are more expensive because they work; they are designed with heavy-duty reinforcing elements, including out-riggers to handle our towers in the Mobile Tower Unit.  Do not mix and match--hybrids not welcome here. 

Heights' towers can be easily configured as Portable or Mobile Towers for Cell-towers on Wheels (COWs) and similar applications.

A lightweight but heavy duty 74 ft. telescoping tower mounted on a covered trailer and pulled by a small pick-up truck.

Heights Portable Tower Systems offer you these great features

 Super Lightweight
 Rapid Deployment
 Easy Hand- or electric-switch Operation
 Wide Variety of Flexible configurations all based on our Standard High Quality Models and Parts
 Custom Fabrication and Adaptation to your vehicle and project specs
Incredible Economies achieved through simple integration of our various time/money-saving features
Low Cost

Featuring the latest edition to the Heights product line:  All ALUMINUM tower trailers designed and manufactured for Heights Towers.  Strong, Lightweight, Convenient and Beautiful!

Outrigger leg set-up and tower erection can be done in a few short minutes.


View our gallery of happy customers with their Portable/COWs. Click on image for full view.