*The similar tower manufacturer's section legs are made of hard-drawn 6063-T832 aluminum;  their sections are also 10 ft. long. 

This tower manufacturer may sell sections that are the same approximate widths as ours for 10 to 30% less in price, however they use much thinner tubes which create much weaker sections, many sections ranging from a half to a third of our strengths.  

So, you may save 25% on their towers, which they may even rate as strong as ours, but you will be buying a tower of somewhere between 30 to 70% of the actual strength capacity. 

The math is simple.  For a little more money, you gain a much stronger tower with our product. 

We use the exact specs of our competitor to analyze their sections, from their tube sizes to the exact size on centers (slightly different than ours).  Then we use the exact same calculations to determine our allowable moments.  "Allowable Moment" is a primary section property that determines section load capacity. 

This is all very straight forward, and no gimmicks or loopholes were performed.  This competitor makes their sections of slightly different alloy aluminum, and they are in 10 foot sections.  Neither of these features gives a benefit, but may even detract from their configurations' capacities. 

Next time you price out a competitor, ask them for their engineering specs, and/or calculation availability.  You do not need to be a professional engineer to notice major differences in design.  Looks may be deceiving--good calculations are not!

Heights vs. the Competition:  Comparisons through Quantitative Analysis
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