Complete engineering analysis can be provided on towers and for tower sites. 

Costs are as follows:

1.  Non-stamped Calculations and drawings are $500-$750, depending on your requirements.  This type of calculation is limited to the building standard(s) that is used and on file for the model of interest.

2. Calculations and drawings, stamped by a PE licensed in your state--this fee varies per state and local standard requirements.  Please consult with your local building department to determine which codes and standards are controlling (for example: 2010 FL Building Code).  This service can not be pro-rated to the purchase of your tower, as it is a separate and additional professional cost. 

Call, fax or email for details:
Ph.:  1-850-455-1210
Fax:  1-850-455-4355


We conform to the most stringent codes, including the Florida Building Code