Complete engineering analysis can be provided on towers and for tower sites. 

Costs are as follows:

1.  Non-stamped Calculations and drawings are $500.  With the order of your tower, half of the $500, or $250, will be fully pro-rated to a future tower purchase, the other half is an additional, non-refundable fee.  This type of calculations is limited to the building standard(s) that is used and on file for the model of interest.

2. Calculations and drawings, stamped by a PE licensed in your state--this fee varies per state and local standard requirements.  Please consult with your local building department to determine which codes and standards are controlling (for example: 2010 FL Building Code).  This service can not be pro-rated to the purchase of your tower, as it is a separate and additional professional cost. 

Call, fax or email for details:
Ph.:  1-850-455-1210
Fax:  1-850-455-4355


We conform to the most stringent codes, including the Florida Building Code