Parts and Information for Older Heights Towers:

We supply parts and equipment that are compatible with almost all older Heights Towers ever made.  Our towers were re-engineered in 1995, so some features, like their leg sizes and bolt-hole connections have changed.  However, we will be glad to help customers refurbish their older towers. Our current manufactured tower sections, fold-over kit part, bases and other accessories are compatible with our older towers, despite the new changes. 

If a customer wants new parts for older Heights towers, they should provide us with the section sizes of their old towers.  We need the measurements of the leg widths, either from outside to outside or on the centers (please specify which).  Also, if the original purchase/manufacture date is known, please supply that.  To distinguish between our  towers and other brands, read this expalanation.  Accessories, Kits or parts for other brand towers:

If you are looking for engineering information on your Old Heights' Tower, we can only provide engineering information on models manufactured after 1995.  Towers manufactured before that time frame were of a different design and we do not provide engineering information.  The best way to find out what your pre-1995 tower is rated for is to ask the seller for the original purchaser's information and documentation.  

If you would like a quotation or other information on your old Heights' Tower, please email (before calling) the following information to: or fill out our email form on our contact page here:  Contact 

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Tower Section Widths and Tube Diameter
  • Pictures of Tower Sections
  • Desired Tower Parts and Sizes
  • Original purchaser, if available

PLEASE NOTE!  We will not supply major accessories, kits or sections for different brand towers.  There are many issues of size and design difference which would negatively effect the performance of one or the other's brand.  Towers are specifically engineered to handle certain loads under pre-defined conditions.  Mixing brands often detracts from the performance of either brand, allowing for possible deleterious or catastrophic effects later.  The loss, even of someone's antenna array or accessory equipment, is a liability with which we do not want to deal. Besides this fundamental objection, we have spent a good amount of money and many years evolving our products to where they are now.  As our name suggests, our products have been designed as complete integrated systems, and this is where they offer they offer the most value.  It would be foolish from an engineering standpoint, as well as a marketing one, to adulterate the use of our structures and devices.