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Do we have dealers set-up, or do we sell direct to customers?  

We sell direct to the consumer.  Why?  There are a few reasons for this.  One is that dealers do not DO what they used to do:  almost all want you to drop ship for them (in the 'old days' they used to stock some of the product in house), they rarely learn the product well enough to answer most customer questions without referring to the manufacturer, and they still want the same large cut of the sale. 

So, what are they doing for the manufacturer (Heights) or for the consumer (you)??  They offer their endorsement of the product--that's about it.  Well, to us, that's not worth an approximate 30% cut.  If you are a dealer or know a dealer who can offer more, let us know.  Meanwhile, we will definitely continue to sell direct to YOU, the consumer!

I press a hyperlink on your web-site and it does not seem to work, or I go to a page and there is not much there.  What's going on?  

We apologize for glitches like that.  Some of our web-site is incomplete.  We are continually working on it and adding to it.  If some information or a page comes up blank, we may simply not have posted it yet.  Please call the factory, if you can not find the answers to your questions on this site.