Great video showing Fold Over Kit Opeation!



FOK for size 172 sections & sometimes 225 sections$1288
FOK for size 225 & 288 section

​The Fold Over Kit maybe be operated with manually at heights up to 64 ft. (it becomes difficult with more than that) or with a Gearmotor Kit attachment.

The Gearmotor Kit is modular and may be attached at anytime; only takes 15 minutes to install.

How much time, effort and money will you save with a motorized Fold-Over-Kit?  Here are some costs:



Gearmotor Kit, our 'lower' torque, 40 rpm, 1/2 HP with 7.9 amps, single phase 115 VAC. Includes screw-coupler, mount & drumswitch w/pendant.   Contact for pricing
Gearmotor Kit, medium torque, 22 rpm, 1/2 HP with 7.9 amps, single phase 115 VAC.  Includes
screw-coupler, mount & drumswitch w/pendant. 
Contact for pricing
Gearmotor Kit (adapted for 220 VAC operation), medium torque, 30 rpm, 1/2 HP with 5.2/2.8 amps, single phase 115/230 VAC.  Includes
screw-coupler, mount & drumswitch w/pendant.   
Contact us for pricing.
Gearmotor Kit, medium torque, 18 rpm, 1/3 HP with 5.5 amps, single phase 115 VAC.  Includes
screw-coupler, mount & drumswitch w/pendant. 

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This design is super sturdy and will not shift or creak in the wind!  The three large axle-bolts slide into place for easy lockdown when the FOK is clamped shut.

- Prevents catalytic corrosion between dissimilar metals
- Strong 6061 T6 alloy
- All aluminum 
- Precision Machined
- Thoroughly Engineered for reliability in all phases
- Relatively lightweight and Easy to assemble



We now offer Schaeffer's Brand #274 Moly E.P. Synthetic Plus Grease.  This synthetic blend will keep your Screw Actuator System well lubricated throughout the year.  

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Kgs / Lbs

35" Width, for towers with legs up to 2.88" size$947.00112  /  51
26" through 30" width, for towers with legs at 2.88" size$879.0097  /  44
26" width, for towers with legs up to 225" size
$800.0088  /  40
18" and 22" width, for towers with legs up to 225" size
$780.0080  /  36

Our Fold Over Kits are a great solution to folding over some of our tallest towers (tested on over 120 ft. models).  This allows the owner to gain access to an antenna/instrument array within minutes, and WITHOUT climbing!   


Add Gearmotor Kit to the FOK above for the total:​

No other Mounting Stubs are needed for the kit; the only additional accessory needed, besides the gearmotor option, is the Screw Actuator System!

The Stand is mounted on easy-to-install clevis weldments which are fastened to large threaded anchor bolts.  This type of base may also be used for direct tower to base connections (see Base page).  The Stand itself consists of super-strong, doubled up legs and extra strong lattice to handle the additional torque sometimes experienced below a Fold Over Kit.  While more expensive than a tower sections per foot, they have greater torsional and shear resistance.

Stands are fabricated with heavy and reinforced materials, much heavier than normal legs and braces.  For an exact description on our sizing of tower section legs, please see Table 3 and 4 of our tower section specs.  Stand legs are much thicker, composite legs and contain about twice as much material as a regular tower section; they are specially designed for the overturning vectors of a Folding tower.

PRICES are subject to change without notice.  We give Amateur Radio Club discounts!

​Introducing Heights' Aluminum Fold-Over-Kits--
Avoid the risk of tower climbing.  Adjust or change Antennae or instruments quickly and efficiently!

Please visit our Installation Instructions page to view Screw Actuator Instructions Installation Instructions

Folding over a 72 ft. tower (model rated at over 34 sq. ft. at 80 mph wind speed.)



Medium Duty 1.0" dia., Screw Actuator, hand crank bar included$489
Heavy Duty 1.25" dia., Screw Actuator, hand crank bar included$650

*Failure to properly wire this motor will negatively impact its performance and IMMEDIATELY VOID any warranty.  

Our gearmotors have tremendous torque power, are super smooth acting, and quiet.   The 'Medium torque' model will crank tower up in about 11 minutes or less.  The 'Low torque' , faster 40 rpm model will fold smaller towers over in only about 6.5 minutes.

Gearmotor Switch Box