Height (ft.) --

WindLoad (sq.ft.)

​FT.     LOAD









Width/Tube Sizes


KGs / LBs

26' - 51 sq. ft.8010'4

26-172; 22-172; 18-131;     14-100

88  /  194

30' - 9.5 sq. ft.

8018'218-131; 14-10068  /  150
30' - 21 sq. ft.80
14' 6"322-172-L; 18-131-L; 14-131-L88  /  194

30' - 30 sq. ft.

30' - 23 sq ft.



18'218-131; 22-17277  /  169 
30' - 44 sq. ft.10018'222-172; 26-225117 / 257
40' - 61 sq ft.8014' 6"435-288-L; 30-225-L; 26-172-L; 22-172-L211  /  463

42' - 12 sq. ft.

42' - 7 sq. ft.



18'322-172; 18-131; 14-100109  /  239
42' - 28 sq. ft.8018'326-225; 22-172; 18-131149  /  327
42' - 42 sq. ft.8018'330-225; 26-172; 22-131168  /  369
42' - 64 sq. ft.8018'335-288; 30-225; 26-172215  /  473
44' - 20 sq. ft.9026'226-225; 22-172218  /  480
52' - 14 sq. ft.8015'526-225; 22-172; 18-172; 14-131; 11-100192  /  421
52' - 18 sq. ft. 8015'530-225; 26-172; 22-172; 18-131; 14-131199  /  437
52' - 33 sq. ft.8015'535-225; 30-225; 26-172; 22-172; 18-131227  /  500
55' - 9.7 sq. ft.8019'426-172; 22-172; 18-131; 14-100172  /  378
55' - 11 sq. ft.9019'430-225; 26-172; 22-172; 18-131209  /  460
55' - 40 sq. ft.8019'435-288; 30-225; 26-172; 22-131263  /  577
60' - 15 sq. ft.9033'330-225; 26-172230 / 505
66' - 12.7 sq. ft.10026'335-288; 30-225; 26-172302  /  663
66' - 15 sq. ft.9026'335-288; 30-225; 26-172302  /  663

*68' - 12 sq. ft.

"Hurricane Buster"


35-288; 30-225; 26-172; 22-172;


307  /  676

82' - 9 sq. ft.

82' 14.5 sq. ft.



19' 6"635-288; 30-225; 26-172; 22-172;   18-131; 14-100343  /  752
104' - 4 sq. ft.9027'5

42-350; 35-288; 30-225; 26-172;


568  /  1250
122' - 3 sq. ft.9027'6

42-350; 35-288; 30-225; 26-172;

22-131; 18-100

612  /  1347

 (Top) Two Antenna Stand-Offs mounted directly on the top of the retracted telescoping towers top plate.  Easy way to add inexpensive antenna capacity to your tower.  Why not add them?  

Below video shows installation of our Telescoping Crank-up Tower


We have also designed an adapter mount kit for customers who have older winches and would like to upgrade (custom adapter mount kit pictured below).

*Consult with your local building department to confirm exact local wind velocity maximums*


Recommended Tower Application

(Call HTS to Confirm)

SA9000DC12 V DC Winch w/rocker switchMedium Duty$421
SA9015DC12 V DC Winch w/ Dynamic Brake PendantMedium Duty$525
Terra450012 V DC w/ rocker switchHeavy Duty$375
Terra4500R12 V DC w/ wireless remote optionHeavy Duty$672

Key Benefits
- Super Strong
- Ability to Retract in high winds        reduces
possibility of damage to your    array!
- Easy-Operation
- Light-Weight
- Corrosion-Resistant
- Many Heights and Windloads
- Easily Mounted to Convenient Fold-    Over-Kits
- Completely Pre-Assembled for Easy and - Quick Installation
- Stand-Off Arms available


We are happy to introduce our NEW 'HTS Tower Hoist' (pictured below).  Our new Hoist is recommended for towers 42 ft. tall up to 122 ft.  This heavy duty hoist has a new and improved grooved winding drum and is capable of longer duty cycles for quicker tower erection.  All the material in this kit and the motor body is made of aluminum and stainless steel which will ensure a longer lifetime outdoors. Includes reversing drumswitch with GFI.  Normal plug for 115 volt AC power; easily rewired for 220 V AC also.


Helpful (Ham) Note:

Some of our Amateur Radio customers or anyone who uses a rotor for their directional antennae or instruments have asked, "Will our rotor fit in your upper telescoping tower sections?"  That's a good question whose answer depends on which rotor make you want to put in which tower size segment. 

First, we can say that our 18" size sections will accept most commercially available rotors that rotate on a center axis (and are not overhung).  Here is a short list of some often used rotors and the Telescoping tower sections in which they are safe to mount:

HyGain's  TailTwister T2X, Ham Iv, AR40 or CD 45II  --  Use 18" size segment or larger to be safe for our telescoping towers (will probably squeeze
in to a stacked 14" though, with some 'bulge' between the side lattices).

Yaesu line of rotors (from the 450 up through the 2800 model)  -- Will fit in the 14" or larger telescoping segments.

Orion 2800 --  14" or larger.

ProSistel PST641, PST51  -- 14" or larger; consult with mfr.

PST61-71  --  22" or larger; consult with mfr.   PST2015  --18" or larger; check with mfr.

If the rotor listed above will not fit in as small a segment on the upper part of one of our telescoping towers, you should select a model that is wider and has a larger top tower segment to avoid structural interference or scratching and rubbing on your rotor as the tower is extended.  Too large of a rotor may interfere with the telescoping function of the tower.  


(Top - Click to enlarge)  View from base, folding over a CUA on a motor operated Fold Over Kit. This photo shows a manually operated brake system on the bottom of the first segment  This Brake takes the load of the winch in the extended position.

**Our huge tower systems fit in small cramped spaces.  This may make installation approval and planning easier.**

We offer many different tower configurations.  Take a look at the list below or contact us for advice on choosing a configuration to fit your application.

*Many more configurations are available.  The height & wind-load configurations here do not necessarily represent the highest or strongest combinations available. These configurations do not meet the minimum wind speed ratings for anywhere within the U.S.A.; may be suitable for certain doldrum locations outside US or non-compliant circumstances.  

A responsible tower owner will determine and comply with the designated maximum wind velocity of installation location.  Please see the chart below.


Recommended Tower Application

(Call HTS to Confirm)

WG2000Manual WinchMedium Duty$89.99
4WM2Manual WinchHeavy Duty$747

Other Accessories
- Brake Systems, operable from ground, remove load from the winch and cable, starting at $597.
- Antenna Stand-Offs (as shown to the right) mounted on
top shelf, add antenna space to your tower, $141 for approx. 3 ft. extension.
- Redundant cabling systems available for extra safety.  Price varies per number of segments.
- CoAxial Stand-Off Arms for managing coaxial cables.

(Pictured Below) Black vinyl cover for the StrongArm Winch will keep it clean and dry.  


Many more configurations are available.  The height & wind-load configurations here do not necessarily represent the highest or strongest combinations available.  Contact us with your desired height and wind-load!

*Many of the above configurations can be upgraded to a "hurricane tower" (higher winds) when converted over to the 2010 FL Bldg. Code.  

*For pricing on telescoping configurations please call or email*

(Click pictures to enlarge)

(Click above pictures to enlarge)

Other Benefits
Smooth acting Roller Guides are  mounted on top and bottom of segments for very low friction telescoping  movement. Easy up, easy down! 
- All towers are assembled with stainless  steel hardware and cable. All parts of  these towers are corrosion resistant.  
- Because these towers are much lighter  weight than similar steel towers, our  shipping costs are usually significantly  lower!

(Pictured right) Neuco's ViscoGel is perfect for lubricating and protecting the wire rope (cable) on your Heights Telescoping Tower.  Contact us for more information.



Recommended Tower Application

(Call HTS to Confirm)

SA9000AC120 V AC Winch w/rocker switchMedium Duty$398
SA9015AC120 V AC Winch w/ Dynamic Brake PendantMedium Duty$483
HTS Tower Hoist (NEW)115 V AC w/ wired switchHeavy Duty$1328
Tower Hoist Adapter Mount Kit
Adapter mount kit for older model winch mountsMedium & Heavy Duty$335