6)  ". . .
The tower I purchased from you in 1972 has performed flawlessly to date surviving two New England hurricanes (in the retracted position) and outliving two beam antennas.  My tower surviced while my neighbors trees didn't.  You make the best tower around." --- Jim Moran, KA1KZ, Leominster, MA 01453

7)  ". . . My Standard Heights aluminum tower has been up for twenty-two years and is still in perfect condition.  A tribander for ham bands is on top of it.  I am thinking of moving the tower to a different location and of ereceting a second tower, probably of the folding type." --- Michel Roy, K9GU, Marshfield, WI 

8)  ". . . I purchased the Heights A56 (8 sq. ft.) tower in about 1980 for my ham station in Central Oregon.  The 8-foot sections fit together easily using the hardware supplied.  The tower was erected with a Hy-Gain TH3JR antenna and  CD45 rotator on top  This arrangement was in place with no maintenance required for two years before being lowered and dismantled for shipment to a new location wherre I made the mistake of selling it sonce towers were not allowed at that time.  The tower sustained two winters of snow and ice with winds to at least 50 mph.  There was absolutely no damage to the tower and it appeared obvious that considerably stronger winds could have easily been tolerated without fear of problems.  I am completely satisfied with the performance of my Heights tower and look forward to being able to erect an even larger system in the near future.  thanks for making a fine product." 

--- Jack Mercer, Fairbanks, AK

Recent Reviews

Some testimonials from satisfied customers:

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Past Reviews

1)  ". . . Thought I would send you a note to let you know that my Heights Tower was the winner in the Tower VS Hurricane Irma contest......we got the eye wall here in Big Pine and many homes are trashed but my tower is doing just fine......I can't say the same for the Optibeam that was up on top."

--- Steve Brenner, KB8IPZ, Big Pine Key, FL


                          Click image to enlarge

​​2)  "​​​. . . WOW - What a great tower!  Great Customer Support, Great Design, Great Tower! A+ This tower is tough! -very clean welds. I waited a little more than a year before posting this review to ensure I give a fully-qualified opinion. I use eham.net often before I buy, and believe we all should post useful reviews here to help each other out. Calling and emailing Katie at Heights Towers was a pleasure. She will walk you through all the steps necessary to ensure you get the right tower to fit your needs and budget. She will also ensure you get a safe tower that can support your antenna array and discuss with you such things as K-factor (twisting torque on the tower caused by your antenna) that many manufacturers overlook or don't discuss with you. 

I selected a 56' self supporting tower that sits on a 4' high fold-over base (motorized). This thing is built like a tank! ....and after 30 years in the army, I know tanks ;) When you have questions, you can easily talk to Katie or Drake (Company President). They truly gave me personal service and were available to help me each and every time I had a question.  The tower was FUN to assemble - no kidding. I had my neighbor help me with the base, as the custom rebar cage they build is heavy and more than I could handle by myself. However, after the concrete cured, I completed everything all by myself. I used a tall step ladder as an A-frame to help hold the lower (heavier) sections while I aligned them into place. After about the third section, they were light enough to slide into place without any assistance of my ladder.

It is a pleasure to raise and lower the tower as I want. This 60' tower (56' + 4' base) takes about ten minutes to fold to the ground where I can work on my antennas and cables with both feet firmly planted on the ground! The 110V motor has no problem with my tower, an 8 element log, a 40M dipole and my 2M vertical.  OK.. so now here I am about a year later, and wishing I had more gain on 40M and wishing I had 6M, so I decide to install the SteppIR 18.  I call Katie at Heights Towers and she is happy to help me with the math and understand how my tower will handle the larger antenna. This heavy SteppIR has a high K-factor, thus she recommended that I simply install a few aluminum rods on the lower section as "stiffener" and I am good-to-go. This new antenna is also bigger than my log, so I would have problems clearing my house easily as it folding over. Again, no problem for Katie, she did a re-design and came up with a 70' solution that will make my antenna easily clear my house.

Clearly there isn't much profit when they sell you only one section of tower because you want to go a little bit higher, but I felt I was still getting the new-buyer treatment. Their customer support is absolutely top notch.  Feel free to contact me via email if you want photos of my installation.  Thanks Heights Towers for such a great tower and the superb customer support! A+ " --- Michael Presnell, WB0O, Dixon, MO

​3)  ". . . I have a Heights 76' (4' base + 72' of tilt-over) and it is really impressive. The welds, the fit, the quality and the sturdiness are all outstanding.  Initially I contacted Heights and told them what I was looking for in height and capacity (Mosley PRO67-C at 135 pounds, plus rotor and two small antennas) and Drake provided me with a quote. The cage arrived first and it was very well made. We got the hole cored, the cage set and the concrete poured. The rest of the tower arrived the same day so I only had to take one day off of work.  Drake and Katie were very responsive to questions and it made everything go pretty smoothly.

Watching this tower go up and down with the big Mosley on it is a very impressive sight! Everyone that has seen this tower is impressed. It is built like a tank!  The motor/screw arrangement that raises it up in down is also very impressive.  I had a minor problem with the tower starting up and with a couple of questions from Drake, via email, he quickly diagnosed that I had insufficient gauge wire for the power from the house out to the motor. I got that fixed and all is well.  This is a link for the pictures of the tower/antenna assembly from start to finish.  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dwg83pi20f5qbny/G6PrLmCOs9

It is great to not have to climb a tower to work on antennas!!!"
--- Tad Williamson, WF4W, Hillsboro, GA

4)  ". . . Very nice welds, professionally done. The support from Katie and Drake was impeccable. Easy to talk to. This is one of the tilt over towers. I would suggest you take your time assembling the tower. I did all the work and assembly by myself. Including chipping through rock ledges for the foundation, to a depth of 8'1"!!!

Drake has these designed for ZERO clearance. So when you start putting the sections together he states you got to get at least one bolt hole out of the three to match in each of the three section assembly points. I only had one joint like this all the other joints were 2 matching up or all three matching up. Oh, and purchase the assembly lube they have for aluminum -- cheap and you won't regret the purchase. And make sure you purchase drift pins to ease the alignment." --- Paul Wisiolek, K1TKL, Escondido, CA

5)  ". . . I have owned a Heights Tower - 72 ft. with fold-over kit for a total height of 77 ft. 32 sq ft. windload for almost 4 years now. It has withstood 60-70 mph winds with a 22 ft. mast (110 lbs.), Yaesu 2800 rotator, Optibeam 12-4, M2 5el 6m and Cushcraft WARC antenna on it for a total weight of approx. 260 lbs. Tower handles all this with no difficulty. After 8 ft. deep by 4 ft. wide hole was drilled and concrete poured and allowed to dry for 3 weeks, the tower put together in 2 1/2 hours. Sections were easy for one to two person to handle. I had a tower party of 4 person, but really would have needed less. See construction details at: http://www.na5q.us/antennas.htm and http://www.na5q.us/tower.htm

During Hurricane Rita, I tilted the tower down so the boom of the Optibeam antenna was on the ground, then strapped to ties to small ground anchors. This kept the tower from swaying side to side. This worked FB with winds that were recorded up 110 mph. Raising and lowering the tower takes approximately 14 minutes.  I am very pleased with this tower, it works for me and keeps my feet on the ground. At the most a small step ladder is used for antenna adjustments. I am thinking of upgrading my antenna to a Steppir in the future with a tilt plate to make the small step ladder obsolete.

I have recommended the tower to friends and would buy another if need be.  --- Roland Guidry, NA5Q, Rayne, LA

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