UPS, the US Postal Service, Fedex and other Courier Services may be used for shipment of smaller items like Thrust Bearings, Rotor Shelves, Nuts and Bolts, some small Hinge Bases or threaded Ground Bolts, and some short mast tubes (less than 9 ft.).  The general size limits for items shipped via these couriers are less than 108 inches in length AND less than 130" overall girth (includes length plus sides or circumference of packaged item.)   The value of Courier service is that it is not as economical as it once was for the larger tower accessory items.  Transportation costs have gone up in this sector and the industry has consolidated to fewer players.  Prices are noticeably higher.  For many items that  were once often shipped economically by UPS or FEDEX, the customer may want to consider Motor Freight type service.


1. Towers and tower sections are shipped 'collect' or prepaid through various motor freight carriers.  The carrier will normally accept a check upon the delivery of your order.  You, the receiving customer, are expected to be present at time of delivery for truck carriers.  Delivery will never be completed without having a responsible adult sign for the shipment.  If the trucking company is delayed or has to make return trips to the final destination address, they may charge extra.  The customer is responsible for unloading the shipment by their own effort and equipment; if the driver offers assistance, it is usually not because his/her job requires it.   Trucking companies can often provide palette jacks, dollies or other moving equipment at minimal or no extra charge.  This, of course, would not pertain to Fork-Lifts, which, if needed, would be a significant rental charge.  Almost all shipments should be able to be handled by most customers without special or expensive unloading equipment. 

2.  Crating may be an extra charge on every shipment now shipped on commercial carriers.  Our policy is to avoid the additional cost, volume and weight of extra crating whenever possible.  However, due to the unpredictable hazards of shipping through contracting carriers, we are required to sometimes crate or add additional packaging to your shipment.  Unless otherwise noted on product descriptions, domestic crating charges will not exceed 7.5% of the product price, and we will make every effort to lower these costs when possible.   Export or ocean crating charges may exceed this amount; these orders must have their crating costs quoted on an individual basis.

3.  Other Truck related expenses:  the major additional expense with trucking is the Residential Delivery Charge, which trucking companies have instituted in the last 10 years.  To avoid this charge of $35 to $75, depending on the company, you the customer could take advantage of otherwise cheap rates ($75 for first 100 lbs. in most of U.S.) by driving their truck or minivan to their local trucking terminal to pick up the freight yourself.  Or you could ask a local business to allow you to unload the product at their dock (businesses are not charged residential fees.)

4.  Shipping schedule and procedure:  Once we are completed with a complete tower order, we must ship it out within 3 business days.  Usually, we can ship out most orders within a hours after completion.  Sometimes, long distance locations force a delay in finding a freight carrier that is ready to accept the order.  Because of this, we can not allow customers who require a flatbed truck (usually for telescoping and other large towers) to arrange shipping.  We have several freight lines we work with, and we can obtain their services more quickly than other parties involved and at reasonably competitive rates.  Any customer who chooses to go outside of this arrangement will incur a $75 to $150 storage fee per day past 3 business days of waiting, once freight is completed in our facility and ready for pick up.  The extra expense of warehousing products is not built into our quoted tower prices.


All and any freight to be shipped by boat, domestic or international, must be shipped in a metal ocean container, at customer expense. 


We do not have storage facilities to store orders once they are finished. 

In cases where the customer arranges their own freight pick-up, all finished orders, which are crated/packaged and ready to be shipped from the factory, must be picked up in a timely manner.  Freight waiting more than two days on our dock will be charged a dock rental/storage fee of $35 per diem for every day past 2 days that the freight is not picked up by the customer or their agents.  

Should we waive the storage fee or grant a grace period for any reason, we reserve the right to impose that fee again and charge retro-actively to 4 days past the original agreed up on pick-up date.


Customer should inspect shipment and check against the shipping list immediately on receipt of shipment.  Any missing items need to be reported to Heights Towers, and if applicable, to shipping company.  Stolen, damaged or missing items will be claimed with responsible carrier.   This needs to be done immediately, as close to within 24 hours or receipt of goods as possible.  Different shipping carriers have different rules, and some do not allow for claims made after the consignee has signed for goods, unless it is demonstrated that the customer was unaware of discrepancies at time of acceptance.

Claims to manufacturer (Heights Towers) on miscellaneous hardware, nuts & bolts, etc. need to be made within 3 days of delivery of goods.  HTS will make reasonable efforts to provide nuts/bolts or other miscellaneous hardware, which were previously accepted in shipment, if the customer makes a reasonable case that they may have been shorted in quantity of the required hardware.  HTS provides a bolt list to check against shipped quantities.  HTS will pay shipping and the cost of replacing the nut & bolt hardware if the claim is made and accepted within 7 days.  Claims made for additional nuts & bolts after 7 days will not be replaced free but at regular charge.  

Thank you for considering the purchase of our products.


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